Monday, 25 April 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The last few weeks has been an emotional roller coaster for us. Firstly we went to a lovely wedding in North Sydney which was in a stately historic stone church and followed by a reception on the harbour at Potts Point. It was truly a beautiful wedding and even a few drops of rain didn't manage to spoil the special moments of that day.

The next day we decided that we would be very brave and take a little emotional journey down the country lane where we once lived and remember how it once was. With some sadness mixed with twinges of joy we cruised down the road then as we crept over the little hill at the boundary of what once was 'our' property, our hearts sank and soared all at the same time as we inhaled the magic of the vista. Absolutely breathtaking!

Many say that you should 'never go back'! Maybe they're right. It was nice to see how much the trees had grown. Hundreds of trees that we planted all those years ago as we planned our dream paradise. We felt a sense of ownership and estrangement all at the same time as we saw 'Andrew' the peacock strutting his stuff across the lawn. He now has a girlfriend, in fact seemed to have a few of them.

So much water has flowed under the bridge since then - sometimes just a trickle and other times in vast torrents. Life is certainly an interesting adventure.

Hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane with us.


  1. Good work mum. Yet another avenue in 'Primrose Lane' to express your wealth of creativity.

  2. Oh Rosalie, how bittersweet that journey must have been. If this is a regular thing, I might just become one of your followers!

    Beautifully written. xx

  3. Love the photos & your creativity Rose. It definately looks like a magical spot & can only imagine the feelings you both must have for this piece of paradise...

    Love to both. xx